Generous Donations to the Library of Nage Primary School

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Karwar: Mr. Akhtar J. Sayyad, the headmaster of Nage Higher Primary School in Karwar, had initiated the establishment of a separate library with his own expenses in the names of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. He began this endeavor with 100 books, and Saayi Shuvar Sansthe (Saayi Foundation) of Belur, headed by Mr. Girish Sar, has donated 1 crore and 100 books for this purpose. Similarly, Mr. Serfaj Mamtaj Sayyad from Ankola and D. Julekha Bi Ibrahim Sayyad Babrawad’s names, 1 crore and 200 books have been donated.

In the same way, the retired headmistress of Ankola, Fatimabi Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh, and her husband, Dr. Abdul Ghaffar A. Sheikh, have donated 150 books in their names. The library is expected to grow into a large library in the coming days, benefiting all school children in Uttara Kannada district, as requested by Mr. Girish Sar from Saayi Foundation.

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