Youth Fest 2023 – Announcement

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Following the success of our first event, Youth Fest 2019, and multiple successful activities over the past six years, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting the ‘Namma Karwar Youth Fest 2023’. The event is set to take place from April 24th to April 29th, 2023 (tentative), and promises to be an exciting and engaging experience for the youth of Karwar. We look forward to bringing the community together and celebrating the talents and potential of our young people.

Divisions of the event:

  • Competitions (3 Days)
  • Youth Summit (Day – 4)
  • Cultural Programme (Day – 5)
  1. Competitions: 

As part of the Namma Karwar Youth Fest 2023, we will be organizing 20+ offline and online competitions that cover various fields such as art, literature, creativity, and skill-building. These competitions will be held at different institutional venues and are aimed at empowering students during their vacation period. Students from class 7th to degree and diploma level can participate in the contests and showcase their talents.

  • Drawing Competition (Warli Art prescribed)
  • Poster-Making Competition (Digital poster making)
  • Poetry Competition (written, oral)
  • Pick and Speak Competition (local topics)
  • Rangoli Competition (on main day of event)
  • Mehendi Competition 
  • Best out of Waste Competition (will be part of Art Exhibition, theme basis)
  • Essay Writing Competition 
  • Photography Competition (on spot/online submission)
  • Videography Competition (documentary on karwar-related structures, topics) 
  • Reel Making Competition (creative basis video, tourism)
  • Short-film making Competition (on social awareness topics)
  • Soap Creativity Competition (will be part of Art Exhibition)
  • Face Painting Competition (on main day of event)
  • Quiz Competition
  • Clay Modeling (open-topic)
  • Acting Competition
  • Chess Competition 
  • Sudoku (Game)
  • Tambola (Game)
  • Lucky Draw

2. Youth Summit (Day – 4) 

Namma Karwar Youth Fest 2023 will feature a youth summit that includes interactions between students and speakers. The summit will cover topics like Career & Entrepreneurship, Mental Health and Love & Relationships through Q&A sessions to enhance knowledge and promote understanding among students.

3. Cultural Programme (Day – 5)

Venue: (Coming Soon)

The final day of Namma Karwar Youth Fest will feature a vibrant cultural programme with a dedicated stage for youths to showcase their talents. Attendees can expect exciting performances in dance and music, with representation of traditional folk dances of Uttara Kannada. The day will also serve as a celebration of the organization’s 6th anniversary. The programme will conclude with a lively band performance and the distribution of prizes to recognize outstanding achievements. It promises to be a memorable finale that will leave a lasting impression on all those who attend.

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